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Colorado Wage And Hour Law Attorney

When a worker clocks in for the day, he or she rightly expects to be compensated for the work performed. Employers may refuse to pay wages on a timely basis, or may fail to pay overtime or other wages owed. Such failures can result in significant financial hardships for workers and families.

State and federal laws set specific requirements for the payment of wages and overtime. When wages are withheld, Attorney Lisa R. Sahli can help. Ms. Sahli has over 18 years of experience working to protect worker’s rights.

Understanding How Wage And Hour Laws Apply To Your Case

State and Federal laws impose specific requirements on employers to pay wages in a timely and accurate manner. Employers must properly classify employees, and must pay overtime to non-exempt workers for work in excess of eight hours in one day or 40 hours per week. In some instances, Colorado law requires employers to pay double time for any work in excess of twelve hours in one day or more than six days in a single workweek. Workers may further be entitled to work breaks and meal periods, and accrued vacation pay. An employee who is not paid bonuses or commissions in accordance with compensation plans or workplace policies may be entitled to recover unpaid wages.

Attorney Lisa R. Sahli assists employees who have not received proper and timely compensation to recover past-due wages. Ms. Sahli will review your employer’s practices to identify wage and hour deficiencies, and pursue unpaid wages and penalties when due.

Contact Lisa R. Sahli, Attorney At Law

If you feel that your employer is withholding your compensation unlawfully, please call 720-545-1690 or send an email to schedule a consultation with an experienced wage and hour law attorney. From her office in Littleton, Ms. Sahli provides legal counsel to clients throughout Metropolitan Littleton and the rest of Colorado.