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Colorado Disability Discrimination Attorney

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and state laws require public and private employers to make reasonable accommodations to job applicants and employees with disabilities, and prevent discrimination against disabled workers. Because disability laws involve medical assessments, ADA and state law requirements frequently confuse employers.

Littleton disability discrimination lawyer Lisa R. Sahli assists clients throughout the state of Colorado to obtain accommodations for their disabilities, and to obtain prompt and meaningful redress when requests for reasonable accommodations are denied. Ms. Sahli brings more than 18 years of experience in the employment law field to help her clients be productive and successful workers.

The Accommodation Process: How It Works

An employee with a disability should notify the employer of any condition that limits his or her ability to perform the essential functions of the position. When this occurs, the ADA and Colorado law require employers to engage a discussion and perform an individualized assessment of whether the disability can be accommodated to enable the employee to perform the essential functions of his or her position, and if so, how. Employers who fail to perform an individualized assessment and instead fire a disabled worker risk severe legal penalties.

Accommodations can take myriad forms, but may involve ergonomic or modified office equipment, job reassignment or transfer, modified work schedules, or even intermittent or longer leaves of absence. Employers are not required to accommodate disabilities if doing so would be an “undue hardship” on their business operations. When an employer denies an accommodation request, employees should seek the advice of an experienced employment attorney to determine whether the employer has properly handled the request.

Unfair Treatment of Disabled Workers

The ADA and Colorado law prohibit employers from unfairly discriminating against employees with disabilities. Employers may not berate, harass, discipline or terminate disabled workers for reasons not applied equally to other workers.

Contact Littleton Disability Employment Rights Lawyer Lisa R. Sahli

Discrimination against people with disabilities is wrong, period. If you have a disability and feel your employer has discriminated against you or wrongfully denied an accommodation, Ms. Sahli can assess your legal rights and, where appropriate, determine whether your request is reasonable and should be granted by your employer. To schedule a consultation, send Ms. Sahli an email or call 720-545-1690. From her office in Littleton, Ms. Sahli provides legal counsel to clients throughout Metropolitan Littleton and the rest of Colorado.