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Age Discrimination In Employment Colorado Attorney

In the current economy, many workers are finding that continued employment is no longer guaranteed. Unfortunately, many employers have used the current job climate as an excuse to offload older workers. Employers who terminate employees for age-related reasons are violating the law.

Lisa R. Sahli, Attorney at Law, brings more than 18 years of experience in the employment law field to help her clients who experience workplace discrimination because of their age or who suffer wrongful termination. While there are certain narrow cases where an employer can require that employees be a certain age, in many cases the firing of capable workers based on age is illegal. Ms. Sahli represents workers throughout Colorado who are experiencing age-related discrimination.

As A Colorado Employment Discrimination Lawyer, She Knows What Constitutes Discrimination In The Workplace

Ms. Sahli assists clients in identifying age-related discrimination. Some workers have a “hunch” that age is a factor in how individuals are treated at work. Observation is critical: In some cases, employers might be treating younger workers better than older ones, or disciplining workers differently based on their age. Ms. Sahli helps clients to evaluate the workplace in order to identify discrimination when it is occurring.

Options For Addressing Age-Related Discrimination

If it is determined that an illegal age bias is present in an employment situation, Ms. Sahli informs her clients’ employers of the situation and seeks redress. While immediate resolution of the discriminatory behavior is the best possible outcome, some employers will respond by further punishing — or even terminating — an employee when a lawyer is brought in. When this happens, she explores other options for getting justice, including filing a complaint with the Colorado Division of Civil Rights (CCRD) or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

When necessary, Ms. Sahli also pursues litigation to ensure that employers are not allowed to discriminate against her clients or other workers based on age.

Contact Lisa R. Sahli, Attorney At Law

If you are concerned that you are being targeted at work because of your age, schedule a consultation with Littleton age discrimination in employment lawyer Lisa R. Sahli. Send an email or call 720-545-1690. From her office in Littleton, Ms. Sahli provides legal counsel to clients throughout Metropolitan Littleton and the rest of Colorado.