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Colorado Sexual Harassment Attorney

No Colorado worker should ever have to choose between quitting a job or sexual harassment. However, when this occurs, workers must be able to identify the improper conduct, and take immediate steps to try and stop it. In some instances, workers may be denied promotions or raises unless they perform sexual favors. In other cases, employees may be subjected to unwelcome sexual advances or a steady barrage of inappropriate comments or gestures by co-workers, supervisors and others in the workplace.

Sexual harassment may take a variety of forms, and employers may not act when supervisors and employees have crossed the line. Examples of sexual harassment may include:

  • Jokes that are sexually suggestive in nature
  • Comments about a person’s physical appearance or desirability
  • Posting offensive images or posters in a workspace
  • Displays of affection that are unwanted by a co-worker
  • Repeated attempts to date or interact romantically with a co-worker
  • Unwanted touching by a co-worker
  • Comments that ridicule or demean persons of either sex

If you have been subjected to a hostile work environment due to your gender, or have been denied promotion, been terminated or suffered any other adverse employment action for refusing or objecting to sexual advances in the workplace, you must take immediate action to protect your employment. Attorney Lisa R. Sahli has experience in reporting sexual harassment and monitoring employer responses to ensure that anti-harassment laws are complied with. When employers fail to take immediate remedial action, they become liable for the physical, emotional and economic injuries which result.

Ms. Sahli is committed to standing up for the rights of her clients. She understands how to identify sexual harassment, and knows the steps required of employers to end it. Ms. Sahli has more than 18 years’ experience handling employment law matters, and she will intervene quickly to end the sexual harassment or, where the employer declines to act, to obtain legal redress for your injuries.

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