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Promoting Dignity In The Workplace

Ms. Sahli helps employees who have experienced discrimination confront their employers in the hope that the unlawful behavior will cease. When employers refuse to comply with anti-discrimination laws, she works with her clients to file formal complaints.


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Employer Compliance And Consulting

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Colorado Employment Law Attorney

Colorado has passed comprehensive legislation to protect workers from many forms of on-the-job discrimination. Employees deserve to work in environments where they will not be subject to discrimination and harassment based on race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, genetic makeup, marital status, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, or military or veteran status.
Many employers, however, tolerate or even encourage such unlawful behavior. When this happens, employees need an experienced Colorado employment law attorney to guide them through their various legal options for putting a stop to discriminatory acts.
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Colorado Workplace Discrimination Attorney

It is an unfortunate reality that discrimination continues to plague many workplaces. Employees — many to their shock — find themselves targeted for discrimination on the basis of their age, race, gender, disability or for other reasons. The surprise that workers experience when they are disciplined or even fired for no reason other than bias leaves many confused about their legal options.
In cases where clients have been fired and wish to return to work, she can pursue reinstatement. While she always strives to resolve her clients’ issues expediently, Ms. Sahli is prepared to go to court to secure them any compensation to which they are entitled.
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Ending Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Some employees may find themselves on the receiving end of unwelcome sexual advances or remarks from employers, supervisors or co-workers. This conduct, and other unwanted sexual attention unfairly preys upon the unique vulnerabilities of workers, and may produce severe anxiety and distress or even render it impossible for the employee to perform his or her job functions. When this occurs, a worker’s first line of attack is to ask the employer to stop the unlawful conduct. However, employees who face resistance to, or disbelief of, their complaints need legal assistance to stop the unwelcome behavior. Ms. Sahli has experience in addressing sexual harassment with employers or, where necessary, seeking legal recourse to vindicate her clients’ right to work in an environment free of sexual harassment.

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Client Testimonials

I spoke with Lisa about a work issue that was weighing heavily on me. Not only was she super knowledgeable and even did some research for me; she was super kind and empathetic. I feel so relieved to know that if any more issues arise, I will be in great hands with her. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who is struggling with any employment issue. Thanks so much Lisa!
– Kelyn L.

Lisa is a person who cares. She cares about your situation; she cares about your interests. She will definitely fight for every inch, and she’ll do it with class and dignity. She is humble in how she wields her considerable experience and wise in how she applies it. Don’t expect a showboat: expect results. At the same time, she is diligent and no nonsense. She will ask tough questions and get you prepared for reality. If you’re searching for an employment law attorney, DO NOT pass her up. I have already recommended her to friends and family just in case they need a secret weapon.
– Anonymous
From the very first phone conversation, I knew I had contacted the right person to help me navigate through some workplace matters I was experiencing in my current place of employment. Not only was Lisa quick to personally respond back to my phone inquiry, she took the time on the initial phone call to truly listen to my situation to determine a course of action and even provided some initial legal explanations as they related to her field of expertise. I have not had a lot of experience with attorneys in the past on a personal level, but the times I have had to contact one, I never was able to just…
– Kelli C.

Results that Count

$350,000 Settlement

Sex Discrimination & Retaliation

$1,050,000 Settlement

Sex & Age Discrimination

$187,000 Settlement

Disability & Race Discrimination

Employer Compliance To Promote Better Work Environments

Ms. Sahli recognizes that many workplace conflicts, and even lawsuits, can be avoided by providing employers with instruction and guidance in employment discrimination laws and wage and hour requirements. She provides employer compliance and consulting services to assist companies in adopting policies and procedures to prevent unlawful behavior and minimize the risk of potentially costly lawsuits.