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California Employment Law Attorney

The law has come a long way in protecting workers from many forms of on-the-job discrimination. Employees, regardless of their age, race, gender or disability status, deserve to work in environments where they will not be subject to discrimination and harassment.

Many employers, however, tolerate or even encourage such unlawful behavior. When this happens, employees need an experienced California employment law attorney to guide them through their various legal options for putting a stop to discriminatory acts.

As a member of the National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA) with more than 10 years in the field, employment law attorney Lisa R. Sahli, Esq., has attained a skilled understanding of the most effective strategies for compelling employers to comply with anti-discrimination laws. In her years of experience, she has also gained an appreciation of the severe toll that harassment, false discipline, and other forms of discrimination can inflict on employees who want nothing more than to do their jobs well. It is to these individuals that she has committed her legal practice.

California Workplace Discrimination Attorney

It is an unfortunate reality that discrimination continues to plague many workplaces. Employees — many to their shock — find themselves targeted for discrimination on the basis of their age, race, gender, disability or for other reasons. The surprise that workers experience when they are disciplined or even fired for no reason other than bias leaves many confused about their legal options.

In her practice, Ms. Sahli helps employees who have experienced discrimination confront their employers in the hope that the unlawful behavior will end. In cases where clients have been fired and wish to return to work, she can pursue reinstatement. When employers refuse to comply with anti-discrimination laws, she works with her clients to file formal complaints. While she always strives to resolve her clients' issues expediently, Ms. Sahli is prepared to go to court to secure them any compensation they might be entitled to.

Employer Compliance To Promote Better Work Environments

Ms. Sahli recognizes that many conflicts can be avoided by providing employers with a thorough understanding of the laws governing discrimination in the workplace. She provides employer compliance and consulting services to help companies put in place the right procedures to prevent unlawful behavior.

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To schedule a consultation to discuss your employment-related matter, send Lisa R. Sahli, Esq., an email or call 805-250-0529. Her San Luis Obispo office is conveniently located for most locations within the Denver metro area; free parking is available.

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